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What CreditMate Does

We help find your desired bike while providing you the best loan plan to purchase it.


Here’s how we can help you:

Loan For Bike

With our extensive network of bikes, we help you find and finance the bike you desire. In case you have already found a bike from OLX/ Quikr/ Dealer/ Other sources, we can help facilitate a loan. We provide an excellent VIP service for those who have a bike in mind but are still searching for a credible source to purchase it from.

Loan Against Bike

We all have times where we require financial help. For those times, we offer you a loan against your bike, during which we keep your bike secure so you can attend the pressing matters in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CreditMate provide bikes as well or only loan?
CreditMate helps you get your desired bike by helping you with the finance necessary to buy it. If you’ve already selected a bike, we provide you with the most reliable loan you can get. If you don’t know where to get a bike from, we help you through our extended network of bikes.

Are you flexible with preselected bikes or do we have to select from CreditMate Dealers only?
We are flexible when it comes to your bike selection. While we can definitely help you with our extensive network of dealers, we also accept second-hand bikes you may have from OLX/ Quikr/ A Friend/ Others.

How old should a bike be to qualify for a loan by CreditMate?
Your bike shouldn’t be older than 5 years old to qualify for a loan from us. We prefer to have bikes from 2013-2017.

What’s the Downpayment I have to make?
We have a unique structure to calculate a suitable down-payment value based on your comfort and the value of the bike. The best way to know is to apply for a loan.

What will be the Rate of Interest?
The Rate of Interest is dependent on various factors and can differ depending on your bike. We ensure to give you the best rates and the best way to find out the rate is to apply for a loan.

What is the EMI per month?
We offer flexible EMIs and also help you customize your EMI amount on the basis of Tenure and Downpayment. In order to find the EMI range, check our EMI Calculator.

How much time will take to complete the process?
The online loan application process takes 5 minutes. Once we have your documents in place and they’re verified – we can disburse the same day.

Whose Account will the loan amount be transferred to?
The loan amount will be transferred to the account of the RC holder.

What documents will CreditMate require from me for a 2-wheeler loan?
PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, House Electricity Bill, Registered Rental Agreement, 3 months bank statement, 3 months salary slip (for Salaried)/ 3 Year IT returns (for self-employed professionals). We may need additional details basis our credit norms.

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