Love Solo Travel on Bikes? This is a must read for you.

Nikki Misurelli, a girl from Alaska travelled the world after his boyfriend said it could be dangerous. She said in one of her interviews that she wanted to join her boyfriend on a bike trip from Alaska to Argentina; he denied and said, it could be risky and you cannot travel the globe on a motorbike. She proved him wrong by travelling alone.

Are you also a solo bike traveller? Here are a few tips for you to live your road trip to the fullest:

  1. Always start early:

Start your day at 6:00 am, get ready, have breakfast, pack your bags and kick-start your morning bike ride by 7:30 am or 8:00 am. Starting your day early gives you various benefits like you can cover more places and you can see the morning rituals and habits of people around the globe.


  1. Saving is extremely important:

Saving is really important if you want to cover more and more places. Live in a hostel – it gives you chance to meet a lot of people at the same time, meeting new people is always fun. Boring hotel rooms ruin the budget and reduce the chances of making some unforgettable memories.


  1. Learn a few local words:

Be prepared for the language or accent difference of different places. Learn a few local or basic words and phrases like how much is this? How to go there? Where is this place? Or Sorry, yes, no, thank you, etc.


  1. Don’t forget to inspect your Bike:

Bike inspection is very important when you are travelling to different parts of the world. Keep checking the mechanics of your bike when you start your day when you wipe it down or park for the day. Keep checking the fuel when you start your day when you halt for a lunch or an evening snack.


  1. Paper Maps & GPS:

Keep your bike papers and license handy. Carry paper maps as well for an emergency, in case your mobile’s battery drains out. Bikers love paper maps as they give an enlarged view of the area, they also make a good and useful GPS unit and fits nicely in your tank bag.


  1. Capture Moments:

It’s okay to show off. You are in a strange place, seeing the beauty of nature just click it and share with your friends. Do it even if you are tagged as a social butterfly. Pictures are the greatest way to keep your memories alive. Take millions of photographs and irritate your friends with notifications of you posting 100 pictures every day.


  1. Use Social media to enrich your trip:

Use the power of social media to find people near you not to nag them but to meet them, understand their culture, to see their artworks. Reach out to people via DMs they might take you around to show things you wouldn’t have encountered otherwise.


  1. Its okay to wander away:

Sometimes it’s okay to not to follow your plans. Get lost in the beauty of nature and discover hidden gems of the different parts of the world.


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