Planning to ride your motorcycle on mountains? We’ve got some great tips for you!

Robert Jan Van Der Kaij, a guy from the Netherlands travelled all the way to India on his motorbike. In just 81 days he travelled almost 14 countries riding through sand, desert, steep cliffs and finally reached Indian Himalayas. If you too are adventurous and wish to ride through the mountains on your motorcycle, here are few dos and don’ts for your mountain bike ride journey:


  1. Ride your motorcycle in low gear:

Bike rides are different while climbing uphill than that of rides on flat planes. So the driving mechanics also differ a bit, you should ride usually in high rpm and lower gear while climbing uphill as compared to what you do on flat surfaces. While climbing uphill, your motorcycle takes extra effort, riding it in wrong gear may cause sudden shock up and can result in severe accidents.


  1. Forecast the road:

Mountain roads are very unpredictable and sometimes tricky. You should always forecast the curves, inclines and plan your ride accordingly. Analyze the inclination out by looking at the gradient of the surface. Analyze the curves by observing the edges of the roads. If you observe your left-hand side disappearing faster than that of a right-hand side road then it is a left turn and vice versa.


  1. Maintain your lane:

One of the most common reasons for accidents in the mountain areas is that there is no marking or dividers dividing the incoming and outgoing lanes. While taking the turn, most of the riders tend to ride fast due to which they end up riding in the opposite lanes. This could be really dangerous. Always ride slow especially while taking turns to avoid losing control and jumping on the opposite lane.


  1. Take warning signs seriously:

We read a lot of warning signs but none of them actually happens, so we never take the warning signs seriously. But we all are aware of the man shouting to get saved from a fox but then he ends up getting bitten by the fox. So if you don’t want to be the man who got hurt by the fox, take the warning signs seriously.


  1. Park your motorcycle Safely:

After driving for miles, we forget to park the motorcycle safely. Don’t forget, motorbike stands are designed to hold it from going backwards, so never park your bike facing downhill. Always try to find a flat surface, if not, park it facing uphill. Also, beware of seasonal hazards like rocks rolling down from the hill. Parking your motorcycle under trees could be really helpful in order to protect your bikes from such hazards.



  1. Never ride downhill in neutral:

Using correct brakes is one of the most important factors while riding on hills. While riding downhill, ensure that you are in gear and not using only brakes to control the speed. When you stay in neutral, you let go of the brakes mechanism of your bike which can cause loss of control of your vehicle. Also, using brakes excessively will heat up the brakes, which could result in brake failures at some point in time.


  1. Use right brakes:

While climbing the hills use the rear brakes more than the front brakes and while going riding down use front brakes more than the rare brakes. The reason is simply weight distribution. Because while climbing the weight is on the rear tyres, hence using the front brakes will help to lock up the bike from sliding back and vice versa.


  1. Beware of wet roads:

Avoid riding on the wet surfaces in the hilly areas especially in winters. Water patches in the hilly areas turn into a thin sheet of ice. These thin sheets of ice look like water patches but are wet slippery and can cause severe accidents. Always avoid contacts with wet surfaces.


  1. Don’t panic on a surprise turn:

Lots of corners and surprise turns are expected while riding on the hills. What people usually do in case of surprise turns to comfort themselves is sit up straight and keep looking around the edges. Instead what you should do is lean down; put all your weight on the bike leaning towards the inside of the road. Looking at the edges will distract you and can bring you off-road. Always keep your eyes on where you want to go, not where you don’t want to go.


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