Bajaj Avenger New 2018 Cruise 220

The present era is an amorphous zone of science and technology. In this era of tough competition if we are lagged behind would be faded behind forever. Abrupt reforms are being seen in discriminant sectors of life, either it is education sector or entertainment sector or automobile sector. The Indian motorcycle market has seen a tremendous growth over the last decade. Vivid styled automobiles with astounding features can be seen in our market. This growth has brought in all kinds of motorcycles for the prospective buyers, from a street bike to cruisers to adventure touring machines. Especially, the big bike market is dominated by cruiser sales and Harley-Davidson sits right there on top. Royal Enfield undoubtedly owns the mid-size cruiser category and in fact is one of the fastest growing motorcycle manufacturers in the country of late. Bajaj is the only player catering to the bottom end of this market with its sole offering – the Avenger 220. The last big upgrade the Avenger has seen was in 2010 when it was fitted with a 220cc engine. Yet the Avenger has held its ground. But the recent upheavals in the market have forced Bajaj to shift gear and give the Avenger the kind of attention it needs. Bajaj recently launched an entire range of Avenger, most advance and attracting one is Bajaj Avenger cruise 220 which will replace the existing Bajaj Avenger 220. While the previous Avenger 220 has a simple feature and design, this time Bajaj has upgraded the design & features. Let’s have a glance at new features:-

New Features of Bajaj Avenger cruise 220
Styling wise, broadly, the new Avenger has the same old Avenger that we’re used to seeing. However, there are some major changes that make these bikes as new as they can be. As suggested by its name, the Avenger Cruise 220 carries all the things a cruiser would have. Firstly, it has chrome and lots of it! It also has a new handlebar and a more relaxed riding posture for those long hauls on the highway. There’s also an optional windscreen for those who are willing to shell out a few extra bucks. This time the Cruise 220 gets a taller windshield and a new headlight with LED DRLs on the sides. Apart from that, for the first time, the Avengers get a fully digital display. This makes the new Cruise 220 more users friendly and attractive. On the handling front, the Cruise 220 true to its name acts in a very relaxed and sedate manner. It loves to go straight and feels a bit hesitant when putting it through the zigzags of city traffic.

Color Options & Engine update

The bodywork is the same, although innovation in advanced paint schemes and graphics gives the bike a fresh look. The Avenger Cruise 220 retain the same old 220cc oil cooled DTSi engine that makes 19PS at 8400RPM and 17.5Nm of max torque at 7000RPM. These figures remain unchanged from the earlier avatar of Avenger.
If we talk about the color options The Avenger Cruise 220 available only in glossy paints white. For improving the ride quality Bajaj has increased the rear suspension’s travel by 12 percent, while the hardware is the same as the previous model. There is a very solid and planted feel to the Avenger when you ride it.

Price Tag
This is the surprise element of new Avenger Cruise 220. Even with all these updates, the Avenger Cruise 220 did not enhance the price much.
If you want to ride with style and comfort so this Cruise 220 is for you. Enjoy life like a King with the vigorous ride of new avenger cruise 220.

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