So you’re thinking of getting a used car loan…

You’ve found a used car to buy for yourself, and now need to take a second hand car loan to complete the purchase. With so many used car finance companies and banks offering new and complex loan products, this can seem like a daunting task. Where should you start? What should you avoid? Where should you focus?

In this post, we address the most pressing issues that concern prospective used car finance customers today. Here are three common factors to address before taking a 2nd hand car loan:

Used Car Loans with CreditMate
  1. Improve Your Credit Score: Your credit score has a major effect on the interest rate you are offered. So before you go to a bank or check your eligibility for loans online, check your credit reports. There may be issues in your credit report that might affecting your credit profile. These can include as a previous loan EMI that wasn’t paid on time, or missed credit card repayments. These seemingly minor issues can lead to a far higher interest rate for your used car loan. So first, get your CIBIL credit score for free from the CIBIL website, and find out how to improve it.


  1. Pay All Miscellaneous Fees Up Front: Before the final contract is drawn up, the dealership sales manager might pitch you additional products and services. Always ask for a breakdown of any additional charges before you agree to sign the contract. Keep in mind that as soon as you sign the sales contract, the car is yours. So take your time to review the contract. Don’t allow yourself to get pressured into signing anything, just to get it over with. The contract will include the price of the car and applicable taxes. Depending on the dealership, it may also include miscellaneous charges ranging from the common processing fees to “sales development fees”. Paying for all of the fees upfront will help keep the amount of money you have to finance lower, which will help you save money. This will also ensure that your loan terms remain the same as what you had initially agreed upon.


  1. Shop Around Before Visiting Dealers: Prospective customers often finalize the model of the car they wish to purchase in a hurry. This leaves them with no idea of the interest rate to expect from dealerships. So make sure you know the interest rate relevant to your financial profile and your chosen car before you apply for a used car loan. Otherwise, you risk being taken advantage of, from this lack of information. Your best way to protect yourself is to simply arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible. In addition to the EMI, look at processing fees, taxes, transfer and any other surcharges the lender bills you. Most importantly, learn about all your financing options, before you hit the road. Apart from banks and dealers, there are other options for your used car loan. Online used car loans from fintech startups such as CreditMate offer you flexibility and transparency. Choose a car from anywhere you want with CreditMate, from dealerships to online classifieds. In fact, you can even purchase your neighbour’s car with a CreditMate loan!

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Diwali Offer

Buy Yourself a  2nd Hand Two Wheeler this Diwali With Only 10% Down Payment 

Why spend months saving up for a second hand two wheeler when you can have one now with a loan and only 10% down payment?

Treat yourself this Diwali and take advantage of this offer.

We have a stress free application process along with low EMIs and instant pre-approval.

Infact, apply now online on http://www.creditmate.in and get pre- approved in 30seconds.

Only 10% down payment
Special Diwali Offer

Special loan offer on second hand bikes for Navratri (Gujarat only)


Have you always thought that your wife, sister or mother would benefit from their own scooter so that their daily travel is less stressful?

Then look no further.

This Navratri season we are offering customers in Gujarat the chance to avail a two wheeler loan for used scooters or motorbikes at 0% down payment only.

Bring home something special this Navratri with the help of CreditMate.
*For a limited period only * Offer ends on the 30th September 2017.
For more details call us on 022 49244563.  Get Credit and get moving with CreditMate.


India Runs on Two Wheels!

India is the Worlds largest two wheeler market. With nearly 20 Crore motorbikes on our roads and 2 Crore new bikes sold a year.

Two wheelers are used as daily transport for hundreds of millions of us riding bikes and scooters to work and back, on days out and to deliver goods.

Whilst the New Bike market is well catered for with Loans, the used two-wheeler market has had no formal lenders until now. Did you know that nearly 65% of all new two wheelers are sold on finance?

CreditMate is a specialised second hand two-wheeler lender. We operate in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan and are busy adding new markets every day.

Our website makes it easy to get approved for a loan and understand the EMI and interest rates you will be paying. We aim to make owning a great value used motorbike easy and affordable. We have a network of over 100 approved used bike dealers and every one of our vehicles is VAHAN / RTO checked and comes with registration certificates.

Whether you’ve already found your dream ride on OLX or you have one in mind we can help you calculate your EMIs and get moving. It takes only a few seconds to get approved in principle and our loans are disbursed in less than a day!

We cover all bikes from Superbikes, Royal Enfield Bullets to urban Scooters such as the Honda Activa. We lend to customers from all walks of life and backgrounds – more than half of our customers have never taken finance before and are self-employed.

We believe that Indian’s deserve a choice and with low down payments and EMIs we aim to make the value of a quality used vehicle available to all.

Get Credit. Get Moving.

Team CreditMate

Bajaj Avenger New 2018 Cruise 220

The present era is an amorphous zone of science and technology. In this era of tough competition if we are lagged behind would be faded behind forever. Abrupt reforms are being seen in discriminant sectors of life, either it is education sector or entertainment sector or automobile sector. The Indian motorcycle market has seen a tremendous growth over the last decade. Vivid styled automobiles with astounding features can be seen in our market. This growth has brought in all kinds of motorcycles for the prospective buyers, from a street bike to cruisers to adventure touring machines. Especially, the big bike market is dominated by cruiser sales and Harley-Davidson sits right there on top. Royal Enfield undoubtedly owns the mid-size cruiser category and in fact is one of the fastest growing motorcycle manufacturers in the country of late. Bajaj is the only player catering to the bottom end of this market with its sole offering – the Avenger 220. The last big upgrade the Avenger has seen was in 2010 when it was fitted with a 220cc engine. Yet the Avenger has held its ground. But the recent upheavals in the market have forced Bajaj to shift gear and give the Avenger the kind of attention it needs. Bajaj recently launched an entire range of Avenger, most advance and attracting one is Bajaj Avenger cruise 220 which will replace the existing Bajaj Avenger 220. While the previous Avenger 220 has a simple feature and design, this time Bajaj has upgraded the design & features. Let’s have a glance at new features:-

New Features of Bajaj Avenger cruise 220
Styling wise, broadly, the new Avenger has the same old Avenger that we’re used to seeing. However, there are some major changes that make these bikes as new as they can be. As suggested by its name, the Avenger Cruise 220 carries all the things a cruiser would have. Firstly, it has chrome and lots of it! It also has a new handlebar and a more relaxed riding posture for those long hauls on the highway. There’s also an optional windscreen for those who are willing to shell out a few extra bucks. This time the Cruise 220 gets a taller windshield and a new headlight with LED DRLs on the sides. Apart from that, for the first time, the Avengers get a fully digital display. This makes the new Cruise 220 more users friendly and attractive. On the handling front, the Cruise 220 true to its name acts in a very relaxed and sedate manner. It loves to go straight and feels a bit hesitant when putting it through the zigzags of city traffic.

Color Options & Engine update

The bodywork is the same, although innovation in advanced paint schemes and graphics gives the bike a fresh look. The Avenger Cruise 220 retain the same old 220cc oil cooled DTSi engine that makes 19PS at 8400RPM and 17.5Nm of max torque at 7000RPM. These figures remain unchanged from the earlier avatar of Avenger.
If we talk about the color options The Avenger Cruise 220 available only in glossy paints white. For improving the ride quality Bajaj has increased the rear suspension’s travel by 12 percent, while the hardware is the same as the previous model. There is a very solid and planted feel to the Avenger when you ride it.

Price Tag
This is the surprise element of new Avenger Cruise 220. Even with all these updates, the Avenger Cruise 220 did not enhance the price much.
If you want to ride with style and comfort so this Cruise 220 is for you. Enjoy life like a King with the vigorous ride of new avenger cruise 220.

So in order to assist you in fulfilling your lamentation to enjoy life by rising on avengers cruise we, CreditMate has come up with all the traits to patronize you by providing loans to make your wish come true of riding new Avengers cruise 220.

IVM Podcast Mumbai

IVM Podcasts
Building Out of Bombay

       Shunya One is completing 50 episodes, and to celebrate this, we will be recording the podcast live for the first time at WeWork BKC with a panel discussion featuring Zishaan Hayath (Co-Founder, Toppr.com), Naiyya Saggi (Founder, BabyChakra) and Jonathan Bill (CEO & Co-Founder, CreditMate), along with hosts Shiladitya and Amit.

The topic of discussion is ‘Building out of Bombay’ – an in-depth conversation about startups in Mumbai and stories from startup-founders who have set up businesses in the city and the challenges they’ve faced.

For more detail click here- https://www.facebook.com/ivmpodcasts/

RSVP here: https://goo.gl/forms/mxL9iSPLGa939Dkp2

New Hero Super Splendor with Super New Features

Hero Super Splendor

Hero Motorbikes are the 1St choice of Indian Professionals. Do you know every other bike sold in India is a Hero. That’s why Hero is the world’s largest automaker. Hero MotoCorp is a dominant leader in the 125cc segment with more than 55% market share.

And now, the company has launched the 2018 Super Splendor in India.

The major highlight of the much awaited motorbike is the 125 cc carbureted single- cylinder motor. This new engine is predicted to be more fuel efficient because of Hero’s i3S start-stop technology.

The model comes with exciting body graphics and new colour options like CB Red, Heavy Grey, Black with Fiery Red, Black with Electric Purple, and Graphite Black.

 Hero Super Splendor has a mileage of 75 kmpl and a top speed of 95 kmph.

The Hero Super Splendor starts from price Rs66,000/-(Approx).

This would cost you only 530/- per week* with a loan from CreditMate. We make owning a 2 wheeler affordable.

Take India’s most reliable and affordable motorbike home. We make it simple with easy EMIs, less paperwork and quick pre-approval.  For further information log on to www.creditmate.in or call us on 022-42122222.

Get Credit. Get Moving.

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#Herobikes #Heromotorbike

*Based on 15 % downpayment and loan tenure of 36 months.

Buy India’s Favorite Two Wheeler on Loan with CreditMate


Bike on Loan
Honda Activa 5G on CreditMate Loan



When it comes to automatic scooters in India, the 1st name that comes to our mind is the Honda Activa. Honda launched the Activa model in 2001. It has become the bestselling scooter in the country.

Did you know that Honda sells one Activa every ten seconds??

The new Honda Activa 5G is available in some fantastic new colours such as Dazzle Yellow Metalic, Trance Blue Metalic, Matte Selene Silver Metalic and many more.

Compared to the  Honda Activa 4G, the Activa 5G includes updated features like the 4 in 1 Lock system, a Seat Opening Switch, 18L  of under Seat Storage and LED Head Lights. These features make your ride more comfortable.

The Honda Activa 5G starts from price Rs. 59,515/-(Approx).

This would cost you only 480/- per week with a loan from CreditMate.  We make owning a 2 wheeler affordable. Apply online or call us on 022-42122222

Now you are just one step away from taking India’s favorite bike at home.  Simply apply online now on www.creditmate.in. Get Credit Get Moving.

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What We Do

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What CreditMate Does

We help find your desired bike while providing you the best loan plan to purchase it.


Here’s how we can help you:

Loan For Bike

With our extensive network of bikes, we help you find and finance the bike you desire. In case you have already found a bike from OLX/ Quikr/ Dealer/ Other sources, we can help facilitate a loan. We provide an excellent VIP service for those who have a bike in mind but are still searching for a credible source to purchase it from.

Loan Against Bike

We all have times where we require financial help. For those times, we offer you a loan against your bike, during which we keep your bike secure so you can attend the pressing matters in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CreditMate provide bikes as well or only loan?
CreditMate helps you get your desired bike by helping you with the finance necessary to buy it. If you’ve already selected a bike, we provide you with the most reliable loan you can get. If you don’t know where to get a bike from, we help you through our extended network of bikes.

Are you flexible with preselected bikes or do we have to select from CreditMate Dealers only?
We are flexible when it comes to your bike selection. While we can definitely help you with our extensive network of dealers, we also accept second-hand bikes you may have from OLX/ Quikr/ A Friend/ Others.

How old should a bike be to qualify for a loan by CreditMate?
Your bike shouldn’t be older than 5 years old to qualify for a loan from us. We prefer to have bikes from 2013-2017.

What’s the Downpayment I have to make?
We have a unique structure to calculate a suitable down-payment value based on your comfort and the value of the bike. The best way to know is to apply for a loan.

What will be the Rate of Interest?
The Rate of Interest is dependent on various factors and can differ depending on your bike. We ensure to give you the best rates and the best way to find out the rate is to apply for a loan.

What is the EMI per month?
We offer flexible EMIs and also help you customize your EMI amount on the basis of Tenure and Downpayment. In order to find the EMI range, check our EMI Calculator.

How much time will take to complete the process?
The online loan application process takes 5 minutes. Once we have your documents in place and they’re verified – we can disburse the same day.

Whose Account will the loan amount be transferred to?
The loan amount will be transferred to the account of the RC holder.

What documents will CreditMate require from me for a 2-wheeler loan?
PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, House Electricity Bill, Registered Rental Agreement, 3 months bank statement, 3 months salary slip (for Salaried)/ 3 Year IT returns (for self-employed professionals). We may need additional details basis our credit norms.

Depreciation in 2 Wheelers in India

Buying a brand new two-wheeler is a great feeling. However, it can be expensive. In this short article CredtiMate looks at the depreciation modelling of average bikes in India and explains the process.

Like anything Brand New and un registered has a different price to used. Unfortunately, this is the case especially in vehicles where as soon as you drive the bike away from the dealer your new bike is now considered Used. Typically, this means a whopping 15% straight off the value should you need to trade it in.

On average, this value reduction happens fastest in years 0 to 2 then slows down. The rate of the decrease in value can be mapped on a depreciation curve:

Some bike models depreciate faster than others, and some keep their for value longer. So if buying a new two wheeler consider the resale or trade in value for that particular model unless you are planning to keep it for decades until it becomes a classic!

The advent of GST which means that on the road price variations across the country have reduced. In addition, a recent increase in supply of new stock the depreciation from brand new to 1st owner is accelerating. Previously used prices for nearly new bikes were kept high because of limited or delayed availability of the new model (buyers were not prepared to wait for delivery). Now with new stock available for popular models the pricing

This is good news for used bike buyers who want a great quality nearly new bike. You can often save yourself upwards of 25% of the price of new for a less than two year old bike.

Smart Buyers save more!